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Leo Delibes was a French composer (1836-1891) who wrote music for ballet, opera, and other stage works. His music was influential on composers such as Tchaikovsky, Saint-Saens, and Debussy. His best known works are the opera, Lakme, and the ballet, Coppelia.


The comic ballet story of Coppelia is about a mysterious inventor, Doctor Coppelius, who made a life-size female doll. In the village, a young man named Franz sees the doll and falls in love with her, thinking she is real. Franz's fiance, Swanhilde, is jealous, and sneaking into the Doctor's laboratory, hides the doll and dresses up like her and pretends to come to life, to show Franz his stupidity. Franz is captured and drugged by the somewhat diabolical Doctor, who tries to infuse Franz's soul into the doll to make it come alive. So when the doll starts dancing, the Doctor thinks he has succeeded in infusing a soul, all the while Swanhilde is making fools of them all.